High School Students

Openings for High School summer interns 

Students in their 11th grade of high school are welcome to apply for the summer internship program at MohanLab. Following 1-2 weeks of instruction and introduction to basic laboratory techniques, students undertake bench research under the guidance of a scientist or graduate student over a period of 8 weeks. At the end of the research program, the students present their research finding at the MohanLab joint laboratory meeting. Depending on the project, some of the research may contribute towards research publications. 

Students with a strong academic track record and an interest in pursuing biomedical, bioengineering, and health-oriented professions are encouraged to apply for this competitive summer internship program. Please send in your resume (with GPA and class rank) and a 1-page statement of research interests and 2 teacher recommendation letters(using enclosed form) to cmohan@central.uh.edu by the end of March. No funding is provided to admitted students. Out-of-Houston students are expected to make their own boarding arrangements. 

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