Internships & Openings

MohanLab offers positions that suited to researchers at any stage in their career.

We proudly offer unique summer internships for High School students. You work closely with MohanLab team members to complete a project!

If you are an undergraduate looking to get some experience in a wet lab, MohanLab is a fantastic environment to learn and thrive. We have summer internships and academic year positions available. Dedicated students should apply!

We are also looking for students seeking a Masters or Doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering. MohanLab works in diverse fields and a post-graduate degree here will provide you with the skills needed to have a successful scientific career.

Finally, MohanLab offers attractive positions for foreign and medical graduates who are seeking valuable research experience.


Combined, all these levels of experience and expertise make MohanLab a thriving environment to grow and enhance your skills!