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February 21st: Nephropathologist Jan Becker visits Dr. Mohan’s laboratory to discuss neural network classification of lupus nephritis, together with other Houston area nephropathologists.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Mohan, Qiang, Crosslee, Pietro, and Dr. Becker


February 5-6th: Raji attended Flow Tex 2020: 13th Annual flowcytometry conference That was held at MD Anderson, Houston, TX.


December 15th: Most of the current Mohan group members attended the annual holiday party hosted at Dr. Mohan’s home! It was a great night filled with laughter, games, and fantastic food!

April 2nd: An article in UH news announcing $5 million in NIH grants has been awarded to Drs. Mohan and Wu, titled: Researchers Developing Early Detection, Home Monitoring Tests for Lupus Nephritis

February 28th: Lupus Research Alliance article discusses how the ALCAM pathway discovered by Dr. Moahn is the basis for a new clinical trial for treating lupus that has not responded to current interventions: LRA-funded Research Backs New Lupus Nephritis Clinical Trial

February 26th: Article outlining how Dr. Mohan will be involved in a Phase 1 clinical trial to develop a treatment for unresponsive Lupus: Equillium Announces Plan to Develop EQ001 for the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis

February 10-14th: Dr. Rajalakshmy Ayilam Ramachandran presented her poster titled: ALCAM in lupus at the Keystone Symposia: B cell-T Interactions (J6) in Keystone, Colorado.

January 6th: Most of the Mohan group members attend a New Years’ party! We’re ready for another productive, successful year!



October 24-26th: We hosted our long-term collaborator, Ioannis Parodis, from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. We mixed detailed and insightful discussions about our research progress and goals into lupus with a little sightseeing around Houston.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

October 23rd: Sirisha Gokaraju presented her poster, “Urine VCAM-1 and ALCAM in SLE and lupus nephritis,” at the American College of Rheumatology annual conference in Chicago, IL. Ting Zhang also attended the conference.

August 20th: A recent grant from the Chron’s & Colitis Foundation of America is award to Dr. Mohan and is highlighted in UH news, titled: Stool Proteins to Predict Inflammatory Bowel Disease

July 31st: UH news article announcing Dr. Mohan has been awarded a $2 million grant from the NIH to investigate why more women than men suffer from Lupus: Women and Lupus – Tackling the Debilitating Connection

May 4-8th: Mohan Lab members present at American Association of Immunologists annual conference, Austin, Texas.

March 27th: Mohan Lab research is highlighted in Houston news: Houston research team on verge of painless lupus testing

February – March: Novel approaches to lupus treatment: 1, 2, 3.

February 20th: UH news reports on a $600,000 grant has been awarded to Dr. Mohan from the Lupus Research Alliance. UH Engineering News: Deconstructing Lupus – Could Some Of Its Makeup Be Part Of Its Cure?

February 10th: Sanam receives a travel grant and attends weSTEM 2018 in Champaign, IL. Congratulations!



November 11-16th: Mohan Lab research is featured in Could a Saliva Test Be Next for Lupus? and Lupus News Today: A Saliva Test to Diagnose Lupus May Soon Become a Reality

November 4-8th: Kamala and Sanam attend and present at the American College of Rheumatology annual conference in San Diego, CA.

October 25th: UH Engineering News: Researchers Developing Home Test Kit for Lupus Nephritis Flares

April 27th: UH Engineering News: Global Visitors Come To Cullen College Biomedical Engineering Department



UH Engineering News: Research Identifies New Blood Biomarkers For Lupus
UH Engineering News: Award Allows Engineers To Pursue Technique For Assessing Systemic Sclerosis
UH Engineering News: Engineering Professor Discovers Gene Linked To Lupus


Qin Ling, Nephrology Fellow from Shanghai, joins MohanLab
UH Engineering News: Study Elucidates Mechanisms and Effects of Green Tea Antioxidant on Arthritis
UH Engineering News: Fish Oil Supplements Offer Promising Results for Lupus Patients
UH News: UH Researchers Identify Less-Invasive Method for Kidney Diagnostics
UH Engineering News: UH Engineers Develop Optical Probes for Better Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Disease



UH Magazine: Following the Holistic Path to Tame the Wolf Called Lupus
Deer Park Broadcaster: Findings Give Hope to Plant Extract as Possible Lupus Treatment
Medical News Today: Plant-Derived Compound ‘May Effectively Treat Lupus With Fewer Side Effects’
Health News Digest: Plant Extract as Possible Lupus Treatment
Houston Chronicle: UH Researcher Finds Possible New Lupus Drug Compound
UH News: Findings Give Hope to Plant Extract as Possible Lupus Treatment
UH Engineering News: Biomedical Engineering Researcher Studying Plant Extract as Possible Lupus Treatment
UH Engineering News: Biomedical Engineering Researcher Receives Grant to Study Novel Lupus Drug
Bio News Texas: UH Lab Awarded Grant to Research Specific Drugs for Lupus Nephritis
News-Medical: UH biomedical engineer receives ALR grant to study case of lupus nephritis
UH News: Possible Treatment for Kidney Disease in Lupus Studied at UH
UH Engineering News: Researchers Exploring Treatment for Lupus-Based Kidney Disease


UH Engineering News: New Curriculum, New Faculty for Biomedical Engineering

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