Undergraduate Students

Openings for Academic Year Undergraduate Research Positions Volunteer positions are available to UH undergraduates interested in participating in medically-oriented research. No research experience is required as the necessary skills will be taught. Ability to balance ongoing coursework and laboratory research is critical. Preference will be given to students who are interested in pursuing graduate/medical studies in the future and who can devote more than one semester of research work. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply for SURF and PURS funding. In addition, depending on the availability of funds, limited summer scholarships may be available from MohanLab.

The goal is to introduce students to biomedical research, engage them in active thinking about research, and participate in manuscript writing. The goal is to ensure that each student graduates from the lab with at least one co-authored manuscript.

Please forward your resume (with GPA) and a brief description of your research interests to: cmohan@central.uh.edu.

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