Chandra Mohan
Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Endowed Professor

Yong Du
Research Assistant Professor

His work focuses on the cellular and molecular pathogenesis of lupus nephritis

Kamala Vanarsa
Researcher III

Her research focuses on utilizing novel proteomic technologies including ITRAQ and NRM assays to quantitate biomarkers in human body fluids. Other research interests include detecting novel biomarkers in human body fluids using Somalogic’s SomaScan Assay.

Briony Strachan
Postdoctoral Fellow

Briony is the technical director of Houston Omics Collaborative. Her varied background includes forensics, microfluidics, and blood component processing. She now focuses on microarray screening platforms and confirmatory platforms/assays, e.g., Mesoscale, Luminex, and ELISA’s

Rajalakshmy Ayilam Ramachandran
Postdoctoral Fellow

Raja’s current research is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind
lupus nephritis, inflammatory bowel disease, neuroinflammation, and Sjögren’s syndrome.

Ting Zhang
Clinical Research Fellow

Ting’s, a rheumatologist in China, research focuses on the discovery of novel biomarkers for Lupus Nephritis and primary Sjogren Syndrome to improve the early diagnosis and subsequent evaluation.

Hao Li
Research Fellow

Hao is a visiting scholar from China, focusing on the stool protein biomarkers of colorectal cancer.

Thao Nguyen
Ph.D. Student

Her research focuses IL1B signaling pathway and neutrophilic activity on the using transgenic zebrafish models. She also explores the potential to enhance immune cell viability and functionality by using advanced 3D artificial scaffolds derived from decellularized organs and natural polymers.

Christian Woods
Ph.D. Student

His research focuses on the discovery of novel antigen probes and high throughput detection techniques. He also investigates the role of the endocannabinoid system in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Rongwei Lei
PhD Student

She currently has two projects, one is Lupus self-diagnosis: development of a lateral flow assay for active LN and the other is microrobots target cancer cell under electromagnets to fulfil drug delivery task.

Michelle Chen
Master’s Student

Her research focuses on studying the effects of peptoids on toll-like receptor pathways in human myeloid cells. She also develops a screening technique for a large combinatorial peptoid-library.

Ferial Koutani
Master’s Student

Ferial is working on designing a rheumatic diseases biomarker panel for early diagnostic testing. She is also working on another early diagnostic method for chronic myeloid leukemia using ELISA and electro-chemiluminescent platforms.

Gabe Gidley
Postbaccalaureate Student

His research focuses on creating Bayesian Networks, building predictive models, and understanding upregulated signaling pathways for Lupus Nephritis. He also works for Houston Omics Collaborative.

Ramya Susarla
Volunteer Research Assistant

Ramya’s work mainly focuses on validating biomarkers associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in stool samples and disease groups within the lupus nephritis population.

Malikah Al Alshaikh
Undergraduate Researcher

Her research focuses on developing IBD diagnostic kits that are tailored to look for biomarkers in the stool. Also, she’s working on optimizing protein extraction from the stool.

Sahar Baig
Undergraduate Researcher

Her research focuses on ELISA-based approach to finding novel biomarkers that predict cardiovascular outcomes in lupus nephritis patients. She also creates mouse models of autoimmune diseases.

Sri Nandhini
Undergraduate Researcher

Her research focuses on testing of suitable 3D environments for the growth of immune cells.

Nguyen Nguyen
Undergraduate Researcher

I am a junior, majoring in Biomedical Engineering.
My research focuses on studying urinary biomarker using near-infrared spectroscopy.

Malavika Nidhi
Undergraduate Researcher

Malavika is a biomedical engineering student whose research focuses on the validation of biomarkers identified in microarray and elevated in IBD stool samples in order to make treatment more efficient for this disease. Her other focuses are testing buffers for stool extraction and ELISA validation for microarray urine samples.

Brittany Payan
Undergraduate Researcher

Her current research focuses on the molecular mechanisms behind lupus nephritis. She also helps model autoimmune diseases in both mouse and zebrafish models.

Nathan Thai
Undergraduate Researcher

His research focuses on working with RNA-sequencing, microarrays, and bioinformatics. He performs RNA-seq and miRNA array protocols to find genes that are highly expressed in patients with the lupus disease.

Dennis Tran
Undergraduate Researcher

His research focuses on testing stochastic electrotransport technology on the full and rapid immunostaining of lupus mice kidneys.

Mallika Tripathy
Undergraduate Researcher

Mallika’s research focuses on understanding the use of aptamers and their binding patterns on live and dead cells through flow cytometry.

Luyue Wang
Undergraduate Researcher

Luyue’s research focuses on doing statistical tests and regression analysis.


Postdoctoral Associates

Omar Ali
Hui-Hua Ding
Qin Ling
Bindiya Marakkath
Simanta Pathak
Samar Soliman

Ph.D. Students

Sanam Soomro
Samantha Stanley

Undergraduate Students

Umair Akbar
Dania Albaba
Margaret Davis
Thao Doan
Dylan Eser-Jose
Sunny Gotewal
Deena Habazi
Anam Haque
Roberto Hasbun
Marwa Kharboutli
Kate Krause
Divya Kurian
Rael Memnon
Chiko Okolo
Kent Page
Allison Popovich
Aubrey Swilling
Melissa Yang

Visiting Research Scholars

Supriya Dubashi
Aurélie De Groof
Sirisha Gokaraju
Ling Lei
Bindiya Marakkath
Gargy Parhy
Sneha Ravikumar

Masters Students

Lavanya Elangovan
Jared Henderson
Jeff Sun
Amarayca Zambrano

High School Students

Supriya Dubashi
Grace Jiang
Tiffany Kim
Arun Kane
Suchin Kundra
Jennifer Li
Kavita Selva
Saineha Shetty